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Kate & Graham :: 12/31/19 :: Elopement in Malibu

11 Feb 2020 19:01

I couldn't imagine a better way to end 2019! Kate and Graham wanted to keep things small and simple and so surrounded by their closest family members, they eloped on a cool and crazy windy afternoon in the hills of Malibu at a private residence. These two exchanged personal and traditional vows and were finally pronounced husband and wife! After some family photos (starring their sweet pups Dumbledore and Hedwig!) we soaked up the setting sun as these two enjoyed some moments of just married bliss. It was an honor to create their florals and take their photos and we wish them many years of joy!

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Natalie & Andrew :: 12-28-2019 :: Wedding in San Dimas

5 Feb 2020 16:00

We had SO much fun with Natalie and Andrew on their amazing day! These two got married on a cool and breezy day at the Stanley Plummer Building in San Dimas-- the same place her sister and brother in law got married seven years before! They really meshed their classic/botanic/succulent theme easily with this blank slate location! Our day began with some detail and getting ready shots at Natalie and Andrew's apartment near by. After helping me with some details, Tim headed over to a local hotel to capture the groom and his men getting ready. Once everyone was dressed, we headed over to Horsethief Park in San Dimas where we did some separate portraits of the bride and groom and their party. The ceremony followed shortly after and was filled with with prayer, personal vows and a very sweet first look! Family and more bridal party portraits followed the ceremony and then we were sure to take photos in the magical winter golden hour light with the new Mr. and Mrs..  The reception decor featured exceptional florals, beer jug vessels, lawn games and beautiful cake. Upon entering their reception, the couple danced, had dinner and took a photo with every table, and danced with their parents. When night fell, everyone danced the night away in-between the garter and bouquet tosses and the cake cutting. At the end of our time with them, we snuck the newlyweds away for a epic end of the night shot out on the front of the venue. This was such a splendid day celebrating such a beautiful and loving couple and it was an honor to create their personal florals (bouquets and boutonnieres in addition to photographing this amazing day----what a great way to end our 2019 wedding season!
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Photo Timing for Elopements/Mini Weddings

18 Jan 2020 21:55

Ceremony — 20-30 minutes

Typically for mini weddings or elopements, the first thing I will cover will be the ceremony. I show up a bit early to capture the details, set up and decor and then timing here totally depends on what type of ceremony you want to have! Non-religious, simple ceremonies are typically 20 minutes tops (even if you write your own vows!) whereas church weddings or Catholic Mass ceremonies are a full 60 minutes. 

Family Photos — 30 Minutes

The timing here depends on the size of your family and guest count! We kindly ask that you restrict family photos to immediate family (grandparents, parents and siblings) but sometimes you have mixed families, divorces, re-marriages, half siblings and siblings with significant others and kids. Oh my! We will either interview you about your specific family needs or request you fill out our family information form and then we can build your custom shot list for your approval. With a group under 25 (the maximum guest count to qualify for the mini wedding/elopement package) family and guest photos go fairly quickly!

Bride and Groom Photos — 45-60 Minutes

We will cover individual portraits, details of your attire and personal florals, and photos of you two together. If you decide to do an engagement session you will be more comfortable and loose in front of the camera and the process should flow more naturally. But if you never did an engagement session, it helps to have a bit more time to allow you to relax and capture candid moments. Typically we capture a few looking at the camera shots (trust me, the older folks love them!) but usually we focus on creating natural candid moments of talking, laughing, walking and just being together in a way that shows off your love for one another. 

That Last Hour of Coverage!

Provided you have a non-religious simple ceremony, the coverage breakdowns listed above covers only two hours. The remaining hour of coverage included in the package can be used in several different ways! I can arrive early to get the dress, rings and personal details as well as getting dressed photos! Or that time can be eaten up by travel if the ceremony and photo locations are in separate spots. Or finally, that last hour can be applied to covering some candids at your mini reception. Totally up to you to decide! :)

Value and Importance of a Wedding Planner

17 Jan 2020 17:05

Hiring a wedding planner is THE BEST THING you can do for your wedding!

We first started offering a discount last year when we noticed that weddings where we worked with a wedding planner or coordinator were more efficient, relaxed and fun!
Note that by “wedding planner/coordinator,” we mean someone that works for themselves or an independent company. A venue coordinator is great, but ultimately they work for the venue and are looking out for the venue’s best interests. A wedding coordinator will always be looking out for YOUR best interests. Please see this article for more about the huge difference between the two!
Wedding planners are 300% worth every penny they charge and will not only help you to have a relaxed and fun wedding day, but they will provide support in ways you didn’t even know you needed.  In the end, they will save you money as they help negotiate all the tricky ins and outs of planning a huge event like a wedding.
For more specifics about the discount we offer, see this post!

Special Requirement: Backyard Weddings!

We love backyard weddings! Exceptions to this policy are made on a case by case basis and will require an additional fee. However, if we are going to photograph a backyard wedding with more than 25 guests, our policy is that our clients must hire a coordinator/planner. The main reason is that it is almost impossible to host an event at a private residence while properly focusing on what really matters on that day: getting married and being the stars of the show! There are many things that go into planning and hosting a large event like a wedding. Things will change, go wrong, and need extra assistance/expertise, and you will not want to be putting out those fires yourself! Our past experiences have shown that if there is no coordinator present, we end up having to take on this role in addition to photographing your big day. This ultimately takes away time from our primary job: taking amazing photos! Additionally, we can’t be in multiple places at once, so if something important needs to be set up, torn down or taken care of while we are taking photos, you want to make sure you are in capable hands of a professional planner/coordinator who can take care of all these details. That way, we can focus on our job, and you can focus on enjoying your wedding!
Exceptions to this policy are made on a case by case basis and will require an additional fee.

Photo Timing for your Standard or Small Wedding Day

16 Jan 2020 21:50

Here is a summary of the photo timing on a wedding day! Read on to see a full breakdown and explanation of this schedule. In our experience, the timing we talk about in this post is best for being the most relaxed while we capture beautiful photos.

  • Getting Ready — 1.5-2 hours 
  • First Look — 15 Minutes
  • Bridal Party Photos — 30-45 Minutes
  • Bride and Groom Photos — 45-60 Minutes
  • Ceremony — 20-60 Minutes
  • Set Up Details — 30-45 Minutes
  • Family Photos — 20-45 Minutes
  • Sunset Photos — 15-30 minutes
  • Reception Coverage — 2-5 hours

Getting Ready — 1.5-2 hours 

It isn’t necessary for us to be there at the beginning of the beautification process! But one hour is perfect for us to capture the invitations, rings, dress, shoes, personal flowers, something borrowed, and other details.

Make sure those details are set aside and ready for us when we arrive so you won't have to go digging though your bags to find them.  Styling and details are our love language!

The second hour is perfect for some touch up shots, robe/cheers-ing photos and to capture the bride’s getting dressed process. Hot tip: Make sure your bridesmaids get dressed before you do so they are not in their sweats when they help you get into your dress! Because we are a two shooter team, Tim will join me at the first location to capture the trickiest detail photo (the rings) and when he is finished he can travel to a secondary location (at the same venue or another!) to capture the guys getting ready.

First Look/Not First Look — 15 Minutes

With two photographers you get two angles of this emotional moment! It takes a few minutes to set up a few shots and angles and then the rest of the time is candids capturing you two celebrate seeing each other for the first time! We encourage large bear hugs, sweet hand holding and lots and lots of kisses! If you are on the fence about whether or not to do a first look check out this post and see if it’s the right decision for you!

Bridal Party Photos — 30-45 Minutes

When our couple does a first look, we start with the whole group together (doing standard posed shots and as many fun, candid shots as we can!) and then split up: Tim taking portraits of the one bridal party side and me (Marisa) with the other side! If you decide to not do a first look, then we do portraits of each bridal party side separately before the ceremony (to save time during cocktail hour) and then do photos of the whole group together after the family photos which should immediately follow the ceremony.

Bride and Groom Photos — 45-60 Minutes

We will cover individual portraits, details of your attire and personal florals, and photos of you two together. If you decide to do an engagement session you will be more comfortable and loose in front of the camera and the process should flow more naturally. But if you never did an engagement session, it helps to have a bit more time to allow you to relax and capture candid moments. 

Typically we capture a few looking at the camera shots (trust me, the older folks love them!) but usually we focus on creating natural candid moments of talking, laughing, walking and just being together in a way that shows off your love for one another. 

Set Up Details — 30-45 Minutes

It is important for us to set aside time on the schedule to capture these set up and environmental details because these are the things that get moved, disrupted and changed when guests descend upon the event. We want to capture them in their pristine state, the way you have envisioned them to look! 

You work incredibly hard on your vision and your coordination/venue team work hard making it all come to life. Once the guests enter it never looks the same again! It is the easiest when the wedding is all at one location, but as long as communication about set up completion is clear and photo time is scheduled for us, we should be able to capture plenty of detail photos at separate ceremony and reception locations.

Ceremony — 20-60 minutes

Timing here totally depends on what type of ceremony you want to have! Non-religious, simple ceremonies are typically 20 minutes tops (even if you write your own vows!) whereas very religious or Catholic Mass ceremonies are a full 60 minutes. 

Important Cocktail Hour Note:

If you do not do a first look, then we strongly recommend a 90 minute cocktail hour. I know that seems long, but with enough food and drink people will be fine! The timing breakdown works out to 20-30 minutes for family photos, 10-15 minutes for some photos of the whole bridal party together and 45-50 minutes for romantic photos the bride and groom. If we compress the cocktail time to 60 minutes, the amount of portraits will be significantly reduced and much more rushed. However if you do a first look, 60 minutes is plenty of time for cocktail hour! We can use the first half of the cocktail hour to do family photos (see more info on those below) and the rest of cocktail hour can be spent taking couple’s sunset photos, relaxing and taking a breather, or you could join your cocktail hour for drinks and snacks!
P.S. — We don’t normally take photos of food, but if requested, we will!

Family Photos — 20-45 Minutes

The timing here depends on the size of your families! We kindly ask that you restrict family photos to immediate family (grandparents, parents and siblings) but sometimes you have mixed families, divorces, re-marriages, half siblings and siblings with significant others and kids. Oh my! We will either interview you about your specific family needs or request you fill out our family information form and then we can build your custom shot list for your approval. We usually recommend doing the family photos right after the ceremony and reminding your family to stay for photos in two ways. First, tell each and every person you want in photos to stay in the ceremony area after the ceremony for photos that will immediately follow. Second, have your officiant announce and dismiss guests to cocktail hour, asking family to remain in the area for photos. We have photographed small, organized families in 15 minutes and we have photographed huge family lists for an entire 60 minute cocktail hour. Make sure you let us know your family photo priorities and we will advise on how much time is needed!

Sunset Photos — 15-30 minutes

First look or no, I highly recommend taking a minimum of 15 minutes to step outside with us and make some golden hour magic. I promise it is worth it!

Reception Coverage — 2-5 hours

Again, the timing here depends on your guest count and what you want captured at your reception. You can spend your time just socializing with guests and eating while we capture candids or you can do all or some of the traditional events: a grand entrance, a first dance, toasts, table visits (a great way to get a photo with every guest!), bouquet/garter toss, shoe game, anniversary dance, money dance, hora, open dancing and cake cutting!

Typically we stay until the last reception event (usually the cake cutting!) and then we take our couples outside the reception for a small break and one last photo of you to end the night. We love to get creative and dramatic with the photo, with the goal of highlighting some beautiful and unique feature of your venue that is especially lovely at night. 

Please let us know if you have any further questions, hopefully this was helpful for you!

Kiley & Matt :: 12/14/2019 :: Wedding in Agoura Hills

16 Jan 2020 15:30

What a fun and colorful day it was for Kiley and Matt! The theme of the day centered around a wooded winter wonderland theme with touches of greenery, bright red florals and cozy romance! Their venue, The Lodge at Malibou Lake was a forest setting to apply all their whimsical touches, planned, organized and pulled off flawlessly by the fabulous Holly Gray. We started out with Kiley's details and her getting ready on location in the upstairs bridal suite. After Kiley had donned her beautifully bohemian dress, and had some finishing touches by her bridesmaids, she and Matt shared a sweet first look. Next we met up with the fun bridal party for some portraits on the venue's lawn and then spent some time with Kiley and Matt, wandering in and around the trees. Their short and sweet ceremony followed and after some fun moments, laughter, exchange of rings, smashing of the glass and first shot, these two were officially married! After cocktail hour, some golden hour photos and some socializing the bridal party made their grand entrance into the reception, Kiley and Matt went right into their first dance, followed by dinner, toasts and cake. After a rousing hora and some epic dancing, we stole the newlyweds away from the party for a romantic end of the night shot at the venue's front porch.  It was such a marveous day for such a wonderful couple, and we wish them many years of joy and happiness!

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A First Look : Yay or Nay?

24 Dec 2019 19:11

We've done weddings with first looks and without, and we can tell you that not only is the first look so much better for timeline purposes, it is also a really magical and beautiful moment! From our perspective the only downside of a first look is the loss of the "aisle moment." However, we address that and several other points below-- read on!

  • The Aisle Experience. It can be really intense - everyone's watching you, there's music playing, you have to walk a certain way, everyone's phones are out taking pictures and videos, and nerves are high... most brides and grooms get a "deer in the headlights” look, so they may find it difficult to show a lot of emotion in that moment. There's something about the pressure to have such an intimate moment in front of all those people that just gets to many of us and that will show through in your facial expressions. Often times we see grooms totally clam up, showing little to no emotion in an attempt not to break down in front of everyone.
  • A Private Moment. When it's just the two of you (and us, of course!), it's a lot easier to have a natural reaction and really enjoy this emotional moment. An additional benefit is that once the pressure is off, that "walking down the aisle" moment becomes much easier and we tend to see a more genuine emotional reaction there, too! The two moments of, "You look so amazing, I am so excited to see you," and "OMG. This is happening. We are getting married," are spaced out and felt at different times, allowing you to feel each more deeply. My clients who didn't do a first look often say, "I wish we had done one," or "Now I understand why people do a first look! I wish I had known!" I've never had a client do a first look and regret it!
  • A Relaxed Schedule. You can schedule as much time as needed, depending on your bridal party size, to do all your bridal party and bride and groom photos before the ceremony. Then after the ceremony we can complete the family photos without being rushed and then you can go and join your cocktail hour, take candid photos with guests and/or sneak away for some sunset/golden hour photos with us! Relaxed you and relaxed us = the natural and wonderful photos you see in work. As a side point, I just read a horror story from a fellow photographer who was hardly able to get any shots of the bride and groom together because the schedule fell apart and they ended up having just a few minutes to cram in portraits after the ceremony. Everything became chaotic and rushed and in the end the bride said she wished she had done a first look.
  • Definitely set on no first look? A longer cocktail hour is necessary. If you don't do a first look, we will require a 90 minute cocktail hour to make sure that all your photos can be captured in non-rushed atmosphere. We want to deliver the quality of images you see in our portfolio! I know that seems long, but with enough food and drink people will be fine, I promise! We really do need all that time to have a relaxing and fun portrait time together and produce great photos. If we compress the cocktail time to 60 minutes, the amount of photos will be significantly reduced and much more rushed. More time is always better!
Photos from some of our favorite first looks below :)

From a former bride: a "first look" was a great choice for us because it was actually the only private, intimate moment we had all day. We hugged, we kissed, chatted and cried! We got to exchange a few gifts between each other and it was great getting that moment to tell each other how great the other looks. Also, you get more opportunity for photos with family after the ceremony and that means more time to party and be fully present with your guests! -Rylee

From a former bride: We are so glad we had a first look on our wedding day! It was great to spend the day celebrating with those closest to us but ultimately we wanted to have a little bit of time just for ourselves. It was a great opportunity to feel wedding day emotions together and get some tears out before we met again in front of our friends and family.  It was  the perfect way to calm those pre-wedding nerves! Having first look photos was a also great financial decision. After spending so much hard-earned money on a venue, catering, music, and decor we didn’t want to miss out on any of it! We got to fully enjoy the food, cocktails, and dance floor.  Most importantly, it allowed us to spend the most time with each other, friends, and our family. - Denise

From a former bride: deciding to do a first look was the best decision ever! I decided to do a first look because I wanted to soak up a few minutes with my husband before walking down the aisle 💕 Doing a first look gave us the opportunity to gush about how we looked in our wedding attire and calm our nerves before the ceremony. Lastly, after the ceremony we didn’t get a lot of alone time since we were busy with our guests. Doing the first look was like the calm before the storm and I’m so happy I chose to do it! P.S. It didn’t make our ceremony any less special, if anything you just get a few extra moments with your person. ✨ - Vivian

From a former Bride: doing the first look was such a great decision for so many reasons. We were able to shoot our photos before the ceremony and enjoy the time after with our friends and family - no crazy wait times. We were able to soak in the moment with just us (and our great photographers).  You get so few moments of just the two of you, and a first look really locks in some one on one time in a world wind of a day. ♥️ - Harmony

From a former bride: my husband and I come from big, lovingly opinionated families and found ourselves struggling to build into our day moments where we could relax amidst all the hustle and bustle. So for us, a first look was a wonderful opportunity to have a private moment where we could check in with each other and center ourselves ahead of the ceremony. We both had had stressful mornings and calmed down miraculously by just being able to hug each other - and because of that, the ceremony was so much more enjoyable. We also both really didn’t want his first time seeing me to be in front of everybody; that’s so much pressure on both of us! Give yourself permission to have some private moments. Once the ceremony starts, you won’t have another one until the end of the night! - Alicia

From a former bride: our wedding day will absolutely be one of the busiest days of your life. For me, it went by in the blink of an eye. I’m so grateful my husband and I chose to do a first look. It was so grounding to be able to take a breath and just spend time together. Our wonderful photographers were excellent at letting us just have our moment together to connect and share. Also, seeing those photos of my husband when he first saw me were delightful! -Christiana 

Josephine's 34th Birthday Party!

17 Dec 2019 18:15

Details and candids from last month's incredible, colorful, 90's birthday party for Josephine's 34th! 
Incredible team of vendors:
Venue : Klik Studio
Designer & Florist: Sparkles and Vintage
Rentals: MTB Event Rentals
Linens: Luxe Linen
Bartending: Mobar & Co
Chargers & Goblets: Soiree8
Catering: Tastebuds Catering Inc
DJ: SoundWave Productions
Cake: Hansen Cakes
Cookies: Cake Creamery
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Megan & Austin :: 11/10/19 :: Wedding in Anaheim and Orange

5 Dec 2019 15:30

Megan and Austin's day was simply lovely! They had a morning ceremony with a brunch reception, so our day started bright and early at their getting ready spot: the Adventureland Suite in the Disneyland Hotel! We spent some time documenting their details and then each of them getting ready together in the suite. Next, we headed over to the Rose Court Garden for their first look, gift exchange and some portraits. We took photos all over the Disneyland Hotel property, ending our time at the spot where these two first met while working together: the Disneyland Hotel pool. Their ceremony and reception were at the Orange County Mining Co. and we loved all the signage and personalized elements they incorporated throughout their venue from the personalized newsletters to the hidden messages in the letter board signs-- every detail was off the charts! After a quick ceremony, full of laughs and tender moments, these two were officially Mr. and Mrs. and brunch was served! In between buffet lines and bottomless mimosas, the newlyweds socialized with everyone at their wedding, cut their bundt cake and played the shoe game. Everyone enjoyed dancing and socializing until it was time for some sunset photos! We took the newlyweds outside their venue where they shared a few more sweet and fun moments in the golden hour light, celebrating their amazing love. It was such an honor to document this day and we are so thankful for Mr. and Mrs. Herbert!Click any image to launch a larger viewing window.

Danielle & Derek :::: Maternity Session at Caspers Wilderness Park

21 Nov 2019 20:03

Almost exactly a year ago, we were documenting these two lovebirds as they tied the knot and last week, I had the pleasure of documenting this new chapter in their life: welcoming their baby girl! For their session we explored the rustic and beautiful Caspers Wilderness Park, where I was able to capture some tender moments between these two as they get ready to become parents. We are so excited for Danielle and Derek and can't wait to see their little one's debut!

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Jackie & Aaron :::: Engagement Session at Caspers Wilderness Park

19 Nov 2019 17:13

We have so much fun with Jackie and Aaron! These two cuties met in grad school together 4 and half years ago and have been inseparable ever since! Last Christmas they got engaged while putting their Christmas tree together and almost a year later it was time for engagement photos! For their session we went to the magical light-filled Caspers Wilderness Park in SJC. The weather was perfect the day of our session and we got to document some romantic and hilarious moments between these two in the beautiful golden hour light :) Can't wait for the wedding in June with some of our favorite vendors!
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CLOSED -- Engagement Shoot Giveaway

31 Oct 2019 16:03

We are choosing one grand prize winner and two second prize winners!
ALL who enter will receive a 5% discount on wedding photography and a 5% discount on wedding videography.

How to enter:
1.  Follow all the vendors participating in the giveaway on Instagram or like their Facebook page!
2.  Fill out out this form!

That's it!
Contest closes 1/10/20 and the winners will be announced 1/12/20.

What you win:

Grand Prize:
  • A two hour engagement session with Marisa and Tim of Peterson Design & Photography.
  • A 5% discount on a Standard Wedding Package from Peterson Design & Photography.
  • Video of the engagement session with Skyla of Wanderland Media.
  • A 5% discount a videography package from Wanderland Media.
  • A bouquet or flower crown or boutonierres by Shelley at Here Come the Blooms in colors of your choice!
  • A 5% discount on floral design from Here Come the Blooms for your wedding.
  • Hair and Makeup by Lauren at Maeve Beauty
Second Prizes:
  • A mini engagement session with Marisa
  • A 5% discount on wedding photography 
  • A 5% discount on wedding videography

Small Print and Conditions:
  • You must be getting married in 2020 or 2021 and have your wedding date and location booked.
  • Booking subject to all vendors' availability.
  • Photographers are located in Fullerton, CA and any location, travel, permit or entry fees for shoot location chosen must be covered by the client. 
  • This prize cannot be combined with any other offer or discount or applied to any previously booked engagement sessions or weddings.
  • This giveaway is not sponsored by Facebook or Instagram
  • Must be in the US and 18 years or older to enter

Thalia & Dylan :::: Mini Engagement Session at Santiago Oaks Regional Park

28 Oct 2019 23:15

Thalia and Dylan met over 6 years ago while working together and the rest is history! They are tying the knot this upcoming May and we could not be more excited for them!! For their mini engagement session, we visited one of our favorite spots in Orange County-- Santiago Oaks Regional Park. The light was amazing and the laughter between these two was so infectious!

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Rachel & Brandon :::: Newlywed Session

25 Oct 2019 15:27

How cute are Mr. and Mrs. Selter? These two got married back in February but their photographer missed some key wedding photos that were important to them. So they decided to do a re-do photo shoot celebrating their big day and incorporating their pups Cooper and Ollie. We LOVE their style and especially loved Brandon's amazing purple suit from Friar Tux. We had so much fun with this sweet family capturing some wonderful moments in the magical golden hour light of the Carbon Canyon Redwoods. Cheers to many years for Rachel and Brandon!

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Madi & Tyler :::: Engagement Session at Taft Point, Yosemite National Park

18 Oct 2019 17:03

We try not to be biased (we love ALL our clients) but this might be our favorite engagement session yet! It is definitely the farthest we have ever gone for an engagement session-- but oh so worth it!

Madi and Tyler are seriously the sweetest! We first met Madi when photographing her sister's engagement and wedding a few years back and we became so close with their entire family. They are one of the most wonderfully kind and generous client families we have ever known and from the get-go we always felt so welcome and appreciated! Madi and Tyler actually grew up together as friends, living across the street from one another and it was definitely a long and winding road to get to this point in their lives.  They compliment one another so well and really do make a perfect team. Next year they are getting married at the beach, so for their engagement session they were looking for the opposite-- the mountains. Naturally we thought of Yosemite as the most beautiful setting to take their engagement photos. We spent all day together with Madi, Tyler and Madi's wonderful parents, April and Tom; driving up from Fresno, hiking to Taft Point (while taking photos along the way), exploring the cliff edge (most of the edge photos are by Tim), hiking back in the dark (things look scary at night) and driving back down the mountain. It was an amazing day full of huge belly laughs, breathtaking scenery, incredible light, and most importantly, documenting two people who love each other very, very much. We can't wait for the big day next year, it is going to be a blast!

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Adrienne & Adam :: 9/6/2019 :: Wedding in Malibu

9 Oct 2019 14:00

What an amazingly fun and beautiful day for Adrienne and Adam! These two wed at the Oak Room in the amazing Calamigos Ranch, and absolutely every detail of their colorful and rustic wedding was off the charts! We started our day with both Adrienne and Adam at the Westlake Village Inn where we captured some detail and hair and makeup shots. Once everyone was ready, we all headed over to Calamigos where Adrienne and Adam shared their adorable first look! Then we spent some time with their fun bridal party capturing some silly and sweet portraits. After a few shots of the almost Mr. and Mrs. it was time for these two to head down the aisle and say their 'I do's.' Every moment of their short ceremony was full of joy, love and laughter! Once they were officially Mr. and Mrs. Weimer, we spent time capturing family portraits and a few more portraits of the newlyweds in the golden hour light. Inside their reception guests were treated to their incredible sweet seed favors and elegant florals set upon perfectly decorated tables. After all the guests were seated, the bride and groom made their grand entrance and proceeded into their first dance, followed by dinner and speeches. Next the bride and groom danced with their parents, cut the cake and the anniversary dance. Finally, after some fun dancing we took the bride and groom out for an evening shot amongst the twinkle lights and chandeliers all over the property. We love these two so much, and had such a blast documenting their incredible day working with the amazing Kindred Weddings and Events and Royal Films! :)

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The Value of a Professional Wedding Photographer

30 Sep 2019 17:25

When you are getting quotes from professional wedding photographers, remember that you are paying for more than someone showing up and taking photos of your day!

  • You are paying for professionalism, experience, equipment, knowledge, creativity, problem solving, education, task management, flexibility, and a can-do attitude on a long and physically demanding day.
  • You are paying for the nitty gritty things like taxes, web hosting, business insurance, advertising, professional equipment, equipment upkeep, health insurance, and car insurance.
  • You are paying for a person who takes time for consultations, planning and scouting - someone who works full weekdays editing, planning and emailing, and full weekends photographing events without any paid sick or vacation days.
  • And of course you are paying for beautiful photos!
In our case, you are paying for all of the above AND two shooters, 8+ years of experience, emotional support, helpful advice, timeline creation, expert boutonnière pinning, dress fluffing, vendor referrals, and venue visits. 
Finally, you are paying for two creative humans who REALLY love their job and who REALLY love weddings!

Cherie & Max :::: Engagement Session in the LA Arts District

27 Sep 2019 18:16

Ok, how adorable are Cherie and Max?!? These two adorable humans wanted to have a candid and relaxed engagement session in a fun, colorful environment. They work in video game production so naturally they wanted to show off some amazing art in their photos. We explored all the cool murals in the DTLA Arts District and had a blast celebrating them! Can't wait for their wedding next year at Ruby Street!

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Jennifer & Dan :: 8/25/2019 :: Wedding in San Juan Capistrano

25 Sep 2019 15:19

Jenn and Dan are dear friends of ours and we had the immense pleasure to document their wedding day! Lighting designers by trade, these two put so much thought into the design and aesthetic of their day modeling their theme after the dutch old masters paintings with rich colors, elegant textures, opulent florals and a romantic setting-- Franciscan Gardens in San Juan Capistrano. On the wedding day, everyone got ready in the large bride and groom suites on the property. After some detail shots, everyone got dressed, and we headed off to the Los Rios District for the first look. These two were so sweet and tender once the saw each other in their wedding best, they both teared up and got so excited to see one another! The day was finally here! Next, we had a blast spending some time exploring the Mission San Juan Capistrano with their awesome bridal party and the bride and groom. After portraits were complete we headed back to the venue for some detail photos and got ready for the ceremony to begin. The ceremony was filled with sweet moments, belly laughs, a reading on how love/marriage is like owning a dog, traditional vows and finally, a new Mr. and Mrs.! After family photos and a few more bride and groom portraits, the newlyweds joined the party and their beautiful reception. The party was full of joyful toasts, socializing, cake cutting, first dances and sweet details (note the lightbulb favors!). After some hilariously fun dancing, we sent the newlyweds off into the night with some epic smoke bombs We loved every moment of this wedding and it was such a delight to be a part of their day celebrating with so many people that we love! 
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Wedding Videographers

12 Sep 2019 21:39

We love working with videographers as a cohesive team to capture every special moment of your incredible day!
Video has such different quality than photos, capturing all those in-between moments that can't be captured in a single frame. The speeches, the vows, the sound of the voices--- it really is a special thing to remember. If you are looking for video coverage of your big day and have hired us to be your photographers, you have come to the right place to hear all about the videographers we love working with and the videographer style that meshes well with our working style!

In our years of experience we have seen that there are two main styles of wedding videography: documentary and cinematic. Documentary style videographers will follow you and us around on your day without being too obstructive, and should blend into the background while getting their shots. They will allow us to lead direction and keep us on task while also capturing those moments that are conveyed better through video than photo! Cinematic photographers will want to take time to direct and set up shots, they will use special effects, lighting and complicated camera gear to get more complex and “movie-like” shots. Their work is often epic in scale but that comes with a price and a cost: they charge higher rates and we will need to set aside even more time into your timeline away from your guests for all of us to take turns getting the shots we need.
All of that to say, we work best with documentary videographers and find that most couples who work with us are looking for that style! They should be self-described as narrative and low key with a "fly on the wall" working style that usually blends into the background. For most of the time they will allow us to direct and instruct, stepping in when they need a specific shot or angle. Ultimately, they should hang back and follow our lead!
Over the years we have worked with both amazing videographers and not-so-amazing videographers and have built our preferred list based on those who we love! All these videographers create high quality work, have affordable pricing and are a pleasure to work with on wedding days. We strongly recommend hiring a videographer from our preferred vendor list so you can ensure excellent coverage from both of us, knowing that we will work together well as a team.
We highly recommend:

If you decide to hire someone not on our list,  please make sure you ask them lots of questions about their working style, their equipment use and their philosophy about weddings. If it matches our preferred documentary style, we should get along great!

4 Reasons Why You Should Do An Engagement Session!

11 Sep 2019 17:28

Maybe you already had a friend do photos, or maybe your budget doesn't have much wiggle room... Or maybe you feel really nervous in front of the camera or have already sent out your save the dates...
We totally understand and have heard these reasons many times before! We are not here to pressure you into a shoot and of course budget is a important reason to cut something out of your wedding day plans. But we would love to share some knowledge about why those rationalizations above can actually be even more of a reason to do an engagement session with your wedding photographer!

It’s a great way for us to get to know one another! Some people might think the most important reason take engagement photos is well, the photos! But actually, I think the number one reason is for us all to get better acquainted! Go with me here— your wedding day is one of the biggest milestones of your life. Are you totally comfortable with people that met once for coffee (or Skype!) showing up on your wedding day and directing you through one of the biggest days in your life? Our goal is to build meaningful relationships with our clients that help us all stay calm and comfortable throughout the wedding day! This ability is amplified by 100 when we get to do an engagement session. Additionally, sometimes one partner has spent months or years following a certain photographer on social media and feels really comfortable with them, but the other partner has not. The engagement session is particularly important for helping them feel comfortable on the wedding day. Most of the time, after an engagement session, couples will says something like, “That wasn’t as hard as I thought!” or “That was actually really fun!"  That translates over to the wedding day and makes the whole day flow because there is a new level of trust and familiarity with the process. That is priceless.

Get experience in front of the camera.  99.9% of our couples are NOT professional models. This is such a great time to get used to posing for the camera in a more relaxed environment and learning how we will make you more at ease throughout the process. The wedding day carries a little more pressure, and it is so great to get these jitters out before that day and with the photographer that will be there on the wedding day! You might have done photos with another photographer at some point, which is great! But doing photos with the photographers that will be there for you on your day is so wonderful for us both!

IT IS FUN! Or it should be! We will choose a location that you love, you are in clothes that are comfortable, you feel beautiful (because you got your hair and makeup done) and you get to spend 1-2 hours loving on your future spouse.  And then it is a great excuse for a fun date night!

You get beautiful pictures.  We are old. Well, not really, but we’ve been married for almost 10 years and we have been though a lot over the years.  So we can look back on our engagement session and see how fleeting this engagement season is. Capture it! After this you will go into married life, real life (which is wonderful too), possibly raising kids (which is wonderful too) and it will never be just like this again. You will love these pictures! You will also have images for your Save The Dates, Sign-In Books, Facebook profile pictures, Engagement Albums and/or reception decor and be able to share your joy with those who love you so very much!

What to Wear for Portrait Sessions!

11 Sep 2019 17:06

One of the questions that we get asked the most is what to wear for portrait and family sessions!  Here's some advice:

Be You!

  • You are the subject matter of the photos, so you want to wear something that reflects who you are and what you love. 
  • Wear something you know you look good in, something you feel good in.
  • If you LOVE a specific color, wear that! Dark colors are especially slimming.
  • Don't be afraid of mixing and matching patterns, florals or bright colors but it is best to stay away from very small or busy patterns. 
  • Avoid feeling like you have to "match" unless you are really devoted to the same outfit, in which case, embrace it!
  • We LOVE color! So when in doubt, go colorful!
  • Accessorize! A statement necklace, hat, a scarf, a belt, it will all add so much visual interest and it is a great way to show some more personality.  For the guys (or the girls), layers can also be considered an accessory.  Start with your base layer of clothing and then add layers of texture and/or accessories.  Oh! And don’t forget shoes are an awesome accessory too!
  • Props can be a fun way to also express your personality and interests! Do you play instruments? Do you love picnics, flowers, your iPhones, balloons? Cycling? Bring what you love and we'll incorporate it into the session!
  • I also provide my own props! See a list here. Want to add florals to your session? We do that too (for a fee)! See here!

Comfort is Important

  • Don't wear super tight clothes, they might accentuate curves that you are't thrilled with. 
  • Think about the time of year and the location of the shoot, so if it is cold outside, a short skirt and tank top may not be ideal.
  • If you have some amazing heels you want to wear, but we'll be walking a ways, try bringing another pair of shoes and just wearing the heels for the actual shooting.
  • Beach = No Shoes! So be prepared for that! :)

  • There is nothing like having new clothes just for a photography session! I love the idea of having "never before seen" clothes for a special shoot.
  • Ladies, get your hair and make-up done! Get your nails done too! Treat yourself! It's a fun time to splurge on yourself and you will feel so confident and beautiful which will show in your pictures!

Dress on the Same Scale!

  • If one partner is wearing a formal dress, the other shouldn't be wearing torn jeans and a t-shirt. 
  • For romantic images, think a flowy dress. I love photographing the movement in a light airy dress. In general, dresses are usually very flattering whether short, long, or medium!
  • If you want to dress to a certain scheme or theme, make sure everyone's outfits compliment that theme.
Be yourself and happy outfit hunting!

The Berkovich Family :::: Wildwood Canyon Park

19 Aug 2019 17:17

We met this beautiful family through mutual friends of ours and they were so excited to take photos to celebrate Luna turning one year! Their three pups joined us and we had a blast documenting some wonderful moments!

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Holiday Mini Sessions 2019 -- Closed

12 Aug 2019 16:53

Couples, families, dogs, individuals, all are welcome! Previous holiday mini sessions viewable here!


Standard Mini Session - $180

This price is for up to 4 people/pets (each additional person/pet is $15) and includes:
  • 1 photographer
  • 30 minutes
  • 20+ edited, high resolution images delivered via online gallery
  • Unlimited printing and personal use rights
  • Your choice of one of our holiday photo props

Dog Only Mini Session - $50

This price is for up to 2 dogs (each additional fur baby is $15) and includes:
  • 1 photographer
  • 15 minutes
  • 10+ edited, high resolution images delivered via online gallery
  • Unlimited printing and personal use rights

Dates & Locations:

October 13 (Sunday) - Santiago Oaks Regional Park - Orange
October 26 (Saturday) - Cedar Grove Park - Tustin
October 27 (Sunday) - Provenance Rentals Studio - Inglewood
Details: This session will be in a studio setting and feature a holiday themed set up complete with fireplace mantle and lounge set up. Studio host and furniture by Provenance Rentals!
November 23 (Saturday) - Crescenta Valley Regional Park - La Crescenta
Details: One of our favorite wooded spots in LA with hillside views, huge oak trees and a lush landscape.

Ready to book? Click here!

The first step is to visit this link, fill out your contact information and pick your session date/time. Next we will send you a contract and invoice. Note that a 50% non refundable deposit is required to reserve your session date/time. Once we have the signed contract and deposit you are all set! Special instructions/reminders will be sent out a few days before your session.

Can't wait to capture some incredible memories this holiday season!

Amy & Nick :: 7/14/19 :: Wedding in Newport Beach

12 Aug 2019 16:26

Amy and Nick had such a wonderfully amazing day! With a vintage theme and tons of incredibly talented friends, their wedding day was quite a special event! We started their day at separate hotels where Amy and Nick got ready. After some detail shots, Amy finished getting dressed with the assistance of her mom and bridesmaids and we packed everything up and headed for the lovely Noguchi Garden. There in this hidden gem, the couple had their first look, and we took some bridal party and bride and groom shots around the gorgeous grounds. Next we headed to the Newport Beach American Legion where Amy and Nick became Mr. and Mrs. Nuss. It was beautiful to see these two commit to a lifetime of love with their closest family and friends! After some more portraits, the newlyweds made their grand entrance which was followed by dancing, food, speeches and our favorite part: the live big band! It't not often that you get to see the incredible talents of so many people in one room! From the trumpet playing groom to the opera singing bride, every moment of the wedding festivities was filled with incredible music. We had such a pleasure being a part of this beautiful day and we had the pleasure of not only photographing the day but also designing and crafting the personal florals carried by the bridal party. Many happy years to this musical duo!

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