About Us


Hello! We are SO glad you are here!
We are Marisa and Tim Peterson.

   As a husband and wife photo team, we have been in business for 8 years and photographed 125+ weddings! We are award winning and widely published and specialize in engagements, weddings and anniversaries. Our natural-light photography, styling and designs are bright, colorful, clean, and classic.

How We Started: In April 2011, while in between jobs, Marisa was looking on Craigslist and saw a couple in need of a photographer for their small courthouse elopement. While she had no experience in the wedding industry, her experience with photography gave her the confidence to ask this couple if she could be their photographer. She fell in love with the whole experience – getting to know the couple, hear their story, talking with them about their dreams for the future, and documenting this momentous occasion in their life! From there they started small, with Tim joining in as second shooter beginning with the third wedding. They worked their way up to Marisa quitting her “day job” so being a wedding photographer could be her full time job! We love being able to work separately during the week and together on the weekends.

About Marisa:
Marisa's background is in the fine arts. She is a classically trained draftsman and painter and graduated from Biola University in 2009 with a degree in Fine Arts. Both of her parents started out as wedding photographers and ended up becoming a videographer/director and a graphic designer, so you could say art-making is in her blood!
Things Marisa's Into:
-My husband, Tim
-Taking pictures!!
-Dogs, specifically my retired-racing greyhounds, Panko and Stormy (search hashtag #adventuresofpankoandstormy)
-Succulents, Cacti and Air Plants
Paint, all kinds
-Doodling & designing
-Vintage Styling
-Comedy TV shows
-My Swedish heritage and definitely Ikea
-Chocolate (duh!)
-Iced coffee
-English. Grammar. Spelling.
-My iPhone
-Flowers. All the flowers.
-Also colors. All the colors.
-Details, details, details
-Stamps and Stationery
About Tim:
Tim also graduated from Biola in 2008 with a degree in Business Accounting, and has been honing his photography skills ever since he bought his first digital camera over 7 years ago - the first of many! Naturally, art and business degrees led us to create a photography business where we could collaborate and make art together!
Things Tim's Into:
-My wife Marisa!
-Games, board and computer
-Hiking with our dogs
-Rollercoasters and other crazy rides
-Reading and learning, especially philosophy and economics
-Panko and Stormy, our ex-racing greyhounds :)
-Music, both listening and playing bass in Rountree Band
-Tech and computers
-Teaching people new skills
-Classic sport bikes
-Tasty food (I'll try almost anything once!)
-British TV, especially comedies
-Architecture (modern, art deco, craftsman)
-The ocean and the beach
-Flying my stunt kite
-Dad jokes and puns
With our greyhounds, Stormy and Panko!